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Soli Deo Gloria wins Zilveren Duif (Silver Dove)

During a galadiner last Friday, the annual “Zilveren Duif” (Silver Dove) was awarded. A Dutch award intended for christian artists, divided in several categories. One of those categories is “Best Album Sacred Music”.

Soli Deo Gloria was happily surprised this year, when we were informed that our new CD “Heimwee” (Homesick) was nominated for the category “Best Album Sacred Music“. Soli Deo Gloria and four other artists were chosen out of all those albums that were released in 2013. And that  is a great honour in itself.

On Friday the 8th of november our choir members Jan Bakker, Hein Kramer, Pieter Toon Bakker en Meindert Bakker, went to Nijkerk where the official ceremony took place. The tension built up to the moment the category “Best Album Sacred Music” was next.  First all the nominees were mentioned, and after that… drumroll…  “And the winner is: Soli Deo Gloria with their album “Heimwee” It was unbelievable.

Overhandiging van de Zilveren Duif.

The “Zilveren Duif” Award is handed over to Meindert Bakker

All winners on stage

Soli Deo Gloria has put a lot of effort in the CD “Heimwee“. This CD is our first, own production. A lot of members were busy making this cd a succes. Not in the least our conductor Jaap Kramer.  He put it aptly last Friday, when we gathered to celebrate. He said:”Guys, we did this together!” Together with each other. Together with great musicians like Johan Bredewout, Martin den Deugd, Marco den Toom en Marjolein de Wit.

Above all, we see this award as a recognition of talent and creativity that God has given to people. We hope that the message of the CD “Heimwee” may be known by many more beacuse of this award.

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