Soli Deo Gloria was established in 1997 and is one of the youngest choirs in Urk. The meaning of Soli Deo Gloria is ‘Glory to God alone’. That’s our first and most important goal. Each year we have 10 to 15 concerts and during the concerts we are dressed in the folk costume of the former island of Urk. The choir also has a second set of modern, contemporary clothes which are mainly used for TV recordings.

Our conductor

Jaap was born in a musical family and was brought up with music surrounding him. Jaap’s talent was discoveres early and around the age of 12 he started playing the organ during church services. Playing the organ became Jaap’s biggest passion. He got lessons from several teachers and studied at the conservatory in Zwolle and at the Schumann Academy.

At the age of 17 Jaap started his conducting career with his first “own” choir: Soli Deo Gloria, a christian young male choir. Conducting appeared to be a talent of Jaap. The choir helped Jaap develop his talent, this way Jaap could make music his profession. Since then he cooperated in recording many cd’s and is he an often seen musician in the well-known EO-TV program “Nederland Zingt” (The Netherlands Sings).

Jaap’s personal faith in God has grown during the years. . Jaap: “I want to make a big effort in the christian music scene. I believe that it is my calling. For some people it’s very easy to talk about their personal faith, my language is music. I would like my music to become an instrument in His Hands.’’