Our choir currently consists of 23 members. Because of our size, we are flexible in our possibilities and choices. That is our strength, and therefore we choose not to grow any larger.

The age of our members ranges from 17 to 45 years. New members need to be at least 16 years old.

The choir is divided into four parts (voices):

1st Tenors

  • Auke Kapitein
  • Jan Bakker
  • Jitze Westra
  • Jonas Roman

2nd Tenors

  • Frans Kramer
  • Nathanaël Middelkoop
  • Hein Kramer
  • Pieter Mazereeuw
  • Philip Baarssen
  • Jan Post


  • Meindert Bakker
  • Roelof-Tiede Oost
  • Hendricus Schrijver
  • Hendrik Kramer
  • Jan Post
  • Johannes Bouw


  • Pieter-Toon Bakker
  • Jaap Oost
  • Hendrik Korf
  • Rein Kramer
  • Lubbert ten Napel
  • Meindert de Boer